Traveller’s Tales



The material which went into the making of Traveller’s Tales was first used as a video installation entitled Veiled Threats made for three monitors, a beamer and salt and shown in Routes at the Grazer Kunstverein in 2002. Traveller’s Tales uses some of the following text as a voice over. It was written while working on Veiled Threats and represents ideas, associations and memories which occurred during the process of editing the four loops.




Notes & Queries on Veiled Threats




I found the material as a flurry of little rolls of film. They scurried around in a tin I picked up at the flea market. A couple of days later I called Kodak and asked if there was any way to date the emulsion. The lady on the other end of the line told me too look for a number at the edge of the frame but I couldn’t find one anywhere and after a series of misunderstandings I mention a circle and a triangle.

“That’s from around 1969 before the present system of identification came into use”, she said and then described how the film might look after thirty odd years.

“It might have been sold later, however.”

“Up till about when?” I asked.

“Could be as late as 1973, but not much more than that,” she said.

I thank her, cut the connection, and think back.

In the summer of 1969 I was in New York and north-east Canada, my first trans-Atlantic flight. 1970 in Italy, 1971 in Provence and in 1972 I was in Morocco.



Nomad: itinerant, traveller, migrant, wanderer, wayfarer, roamer, rover, gypsy, Bedouin; transient, drifter, vagabond, vagrant, tramp; refugee, displaced person, DP, homeless person; dated: bird of passage.